Friday, October 21, 2011

What I learned about Power Cords!

I was sitting here this morning staring at a blank post box wondering why won't the words just come to me. So many things have gone on in my life that I should have something to write about. Nothing came so I left the blank box and went on with my day hoping something would pop into my head later.

If you know God, you also know He will bring what is needed at just the right time. :)

I opened my email and there was my Daily Double Portion, a daily email of encouragement while dealing with the struggles of infertility. I admit i'm not great at reading them every time they come. I don't take the time to stop and give a few minutes to hear some encouragement even if I need it.

Todays encouragement focused on a puppy the writer had brought home. This cute new addition to her home filled her with joy and gave her someone to love and care for. This puppy eventually developed a love for chewing and mostly loved to chew power cords. Power cords that were plugged in were her favorite choice. The writer goes on to talk about the cord connecting to her computer being chewed through and eventually her getting messages popping up on her screen telling her "your power is low, please reconnect your power cord in order to stay connected" The moral of the story ended up being that we should reconnect our power to the One who supplies us with that power. We all know when our power is running low and we should stop and reconnect.

Wow this hit home! For days now I have felt sad, frustrated, impatient and have no motivation. As I look back I see where God was trying to tell me through friends statuses on facebook, my daily scripture I receive on my phone and various other places that I needed to stop and reconnect. I had gotten so good over the summer at taking time every afternoon to just be in His word, to pray and to just feel His presence, but I have lacked greatly since. With the boys starting school, keeping house, trying to cook healthy meals and all the other things that come up and I have sadly unplugged my power cord. He does not like this and misses me. He shows it by allowing me to get frustrated and sad until I can't take it anymore and then reminds me gently that I can feel better by just coming back to Him and reconnecting my power cord!

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