Sunday, October 2, 2011


October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness month.

On top of remembering our angels and supporting others who are going through losses, October is the month all 3 of our son's were due.

Our Hayden and Garrett would be turning 2 on the 6th. It's hard not to imagine what that would be like. What kind of party I would be planning. OHHHH my house would be in chaos but I would love every single minute of it!!

Our Quirt was due the last week of October. I went from planning my rainbow baby to planning his funeral. I am now trying to survive the month he was due to be in my arms. I am now facing the reality of being around a marker baby. I know they say God only gives you what you can handle but my heart is pretty full right now and i'm barely hanging by a thread.

I like being an advocate for pregnancy and infant loss awareness. The world needs to be more supportive to the parents of loss. They need to learn what to say, what not to say and most importantly that it's OK to grieve the loss of a child no matter how long they were with us!

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