Thursday, October 27, 2011


When people question me about my kids being with me during the day and not in school I love telling them I homeschool. I like to see their response. I know whats coming usually! They ask "but what do they do for social skills"

Why is socialization so important in this society? And why does it seem most people think kids will only learn proper social skills by being in public school. Yes I feel it's important for children to learn how to interact with others but what better place then at home. My kids are taught manners, phone ettiquete as well as many other social setting mannerisms. My kids learn by watching the adults around them and for me thats enough.

As a parent I know my job is to help shape my children into the people the Lord would have them be. I've been given the job of teaching them right verses wrong, how to communicate, how to love, to care for others and most importantly about the Lord. I believe this job is the most important job for any person. Weather an Aunt, an Uncle or a grandparent as adults with children around us we have been given this role. It is up to us to set good examples for the children around us.

Also since my kids home school I can control what type of influences they get. It's important to us to teach our boys about choosing the right kinds of friends. Friends who share the same morals and beliefs.

It's rewarding for me as mom to get to be the one who teaches my children everyday. I'm thankful they are with me every day and I get to control how they socialize. I'm most thankful the Lord as given me the role of home schooling mom. There's no place i'd rather be!


  1. I have noticed it's quite the opposite with home schooled kids. I have watched this over and over for many years in many different areas. Currently I go to a church where half the families homeschool and the other half send to Christian schooling. I can tell you that as an adult I see a huge difference between the two sides. The home school kids (all ages) are friendly, come over and talk to me, hold open doors for me when my hands are full, etc. they are OBSERVANT of what is going on around them--even the teenagers (they make the best babysitters!!) and the teens that go to 'regular' school are so so different. I do go over to talk to them but they are so very self absorbed they see nothing BUT each other really. They already have 'cliques', etc. So yeah..if you want to teach your child how to ONLY socialize with others THEIR AGE, by all means..send to a 'regular' school ;)

  2. AND by the way..I loved home schooling but this is all coming from a mom who is now sending my kids to public school! I hope I can teach them to love people of all ages ;)

  3. Laura I never thought about the "ages". Your right, home schooled kids do learn how to interact with all ages. I watch my 11 year old when he isn't looking, take care of his little brother and even his 1 yr old cousin in a very loving manner. I have seen him help grandpa and visit with Aunts and Uncles. I agree they do learn better interaction with all ages.