Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Throw the Poop!

Last night Tyler and I were watching Zookeeper. A comedy staring Kevin James in which he tries very hard to "get" the girl of his dreams. I won't say much more in case you haven't seen it. There's a part during the movie when the animals (who talk) are giving "Griffin" advice on how to get the girl to notice and want him. There's lions, bears, a giraffe and a monkey all giving him animal like ideas. The funniest part being the little monkey who pops up and says "throw the poop at her" to which Tyler and I start laughing hysterically!

The other day while elk hunting, Tyler and I were walking across the top of a mountain looking for signs of elk and hoping we'd run into some. Tyler leans over to look at some elk poop and then pretending he is part Indian, he picks up a piece and gives it a squeeze. The next thing I know he throws it at me!! At first I act horrified that my husband could throw poop at me but then we're both laughing cuz come on that's just funny and I shouldn't have expected anything else from this husband of mine.

After hearing the little monkey's advice on throwing poop at a girl because you like her I now know Tyler was just letting me know he likes me!!

It's moments like these that keep our love strong. Life is far too serious, far too "grown up" and I realize we should be living for the silly, nonsense moments. When we share moments like this we are truly enjoying the gift of each other the way God wants us too.