Monday, June 13, 2011

About My Husband

Tyler is my very best friend! We met in 9th grade science class. We sat across from each other the entire year and we flirted but never dated. I didn't see Tyler again for 8 years and ran into him while out with some friends in Oct of 2002. We've been together ever since. Tyler is a rancher. He was raised on a ranch that he has lived on his whole life. When he isn't working cattle and taking care of the many things that always need to done on a ranch, he enjoys playing with our 2 boy's, watching movies with me, hunting and calf roping.

I always thought we had a strong marriage but over the course of losing 3 sons and struggling through infertility, I have seen our marriage grow in ways I never dreamed possible. I know without a doubt we were meant to be together and I am so very thankful to be walking this journey with Tyler. He has been strength for our family, a wonderful spiritual leader, a loving and thoughtful husband and the best father our boys could ever ask for.

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