Thursday, July 21, 2011

Surviving the two week wait!

I'm copying this poem from a friend. It's funny and yet speaks the truth of what those who are trying to get pregnant go through.

Oh I must survive the "2 week wait"
to see what will be, what is our fate
It should not be bad, i'll keep busy lots
at least it's better then all those darn shots

Day 1 i'll go for a nice calming walk
and with my dh try not to talk
about kids and plans and names and such
and try not to get our hopes up too much

day 2 ahh for today, i'll do some nice light cleaning
and try not to think and keep myself from seeing
everyone around me with their cute babies
and try to stop the incessant 'maybe's'

day 3 with the in laws i'll dine
who won't know whats up, think everything is fine
"no thank you, i'll pass, I won't have the wine"
stop looking at me mother in law! No it's not a sign

day 4 i'll look in my closet again
maybe a quick clean then onto the den
you know a crib would look great over there
wait! stop thinking about that, it's just isn't fair

day 5 good grief will this day ever end
where is my phone, can I call a friend
and was that a twinge or just anticipation
or am i one of those women who can feel implantation

day 6 i'm fine, i'm not going mad
but I keep looking at my husband trying to see a dad
I have to keep busy, keep my mind occupied
on trivial things, not whats happening inside

day 7 oh joy, oh bliss, we are half way there
no, i'm not absessing, I haven't a care
the first week flew by, I could hardly tell
and if you believe that i have a bridge I can sell

day 8 wait, are my breasts sore tonight
or, did I just wear my new bra too tight
am I feeling sick, nausea in the morning
or was that expiration date actually a good warning

day 9 day 9 everything is fine
it's not that i'm edgy I SAID I WAS FINE
sorry, I did not mean to snap, but my temper is quick
is tomorrow too early to pee on a stick

day 10 for one day i'd just like to forget
not go crazy with days my mind to reset
a good friend told me "remember not to dwell"
oh give me a break, this two weeks ummm "aint swell"

day 11 well what to do, maybe i'll clean again
oops my closet is empty and I blew up the den
ok i'll watch tv to take my mind off the maybe's
why does every station only play she's having a baby

day 12 good grief I don't know how i'll cope
I want to be optimistic, to have some hope
but i'm afraid of disappointment, of again this not being the time
if someone could make days fly by i'd give my last dime

day 13 is supposed to be lucky, they say
personally I wish it would just go away
I am done with watching days crawl by
I hate all this waiting, too long have we tried

day 14 wait, what? It's finally here?
today we find out if a baby is near?
ummm wait, now I don't know if I really want the real truth
I kinda like day-dreaming, but betas that proof

so now it's off to the bathroom I go
so far so good, I don't see Aunt Flow
I open the package, pee and it will tell our fate
oh dear, now how do I survive this two minute wait!

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