Thursday, July 28, 2011

Another diagnosis

I went to the dr on Monday. The ultrasound showed I have Anendomyosis. SOOOOO I moved into study mode!

Anendomyosis is the cousin to endometriosis. It is caused by menstral flow leaking into the muscle of the uterus where it does not belong. The blood dries and stays in there. When my period starts it creates a lot of pain.

Anendomyosis should not effect our ability to try to concieve. It cannot be cured except by taking birth control pills (never an option for us) or by having a hestorectomy (absolutely not). I was informed that it is mild right now and shouldn't be anything to worry about. I have meds for the pain when I do have a period.

SO with no worries I was told to count my last cycle as a cycle and I am very happy to only have one more cycle to wait through!!!

Praise God it wasn't something worse!

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