Thursday, July 21, 2011

A setback

Well this road can't always be easy. After being told to wait through 2 cycles and then I get my wonderful fertility drug I started cycle one on June 27th. AND it wouldn't end and came with A LOT of pain. I'm usually not one to take pain meds. I deal with what comes and wait it out. UM not this time. I was in tears as I called the dr office wondering what was going on with me. Not great news. the excess bleeding coupled with pain could mean something was left in there after my d&c I had to remove the placenta after delivering Quirt. Most people don't know that before 22 weeks gestation the uterus doesn't trigger the brain to produce the hormone that tells the placenta to detach. To make matters worse for me I have very low progestrone and was on supplement pills and injections during my pregnancy thus making my placenta even harder to get out. I had to have a d&c just a few minutes after delivery. This procedure left me sore and hurting for days. If there is something left in there it could cause me to get an infection. Definately not what I wanted to hear. If there is something wrong then our schedule for trying gets pushed back. (haven't we waited long enough) :( On a happier note there could be nothing wrong with me and it's just a reaction my body is having to healing and starting cycles again. Some days this journey is just too hard. It's the hardest days I know I must strive even harder to see God. To focus on His everlasting promises............

Philipians 4:13 I can do everything through Him who gives me strength!

He will bring me through this! I have an appt Monday for an ultrasound and then will be told where to go from there. I'm praying that all is well within me and Tyler and I can look forward to starting fertility treatments once again soon. While thats a scary place to be too I will trust my Lord and do what He sees fit for us.

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  1. Praying for healing and the all clear so you can move forward. xoxo